• The Incyte Nordic Grant for Hematological Research

    Deadline for application:

    1st of October, 2022


The Incyte Nordic Grant for Hematological Research is intended to stimulate the interest for research in the field of hematological malignancies and to encourage young clinicians/researchers to participate in scientific advancement by supporting the realization of high quality research and development projects.


It is intended that an unrestricted grant of up to 40,000 USD will be awarded annually, funded by Incyte Biosciences Nordic AB. The Grant is guaranteed by Incyte for a period of two (2) years. After that, an assessment will be conducted and a decision to continue the funding of the grant will be made by Incyte in consultation with the Grant Review Committee.

Applicants and application

Preclinical and clinical projects within malignant hematology are eligible, with a priority on projects focusing on leukemia/lymphoma.

Eligible applicants for the Grant are researchers active at a Nordic unit and performing research primarily taking place in the Nordic region. Priority will be given to applicants scheduled to present their dissertation within the next 12 months or has done so no more than five years ago.

Applications should contain a rationale and background of the project, the objectives, a description of methodology, defined timelines and a specified budget (with detailed budget cost breakdown).

Applications will be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Attachment to this Charter.

Grant Review Committee

The Grant Review Committee consists of professor Magnus Björkholm, chairman (Karolinska Institute – Sweden), professor Kari Remes (Turku University – Finland), professor Peter Hokland (Århus University – Denmark), Harald Holte, MD, PhD (Oslo University – Norway) and the Medical Director of Incyte Biosciences Nordic AB, the latter without voting rights.

The Grant Review Committee will select the Project which will receive the grant funding. Decisions will be made based on majority voting. In case of a tie, the Committee chairman will cast the decisive vote. The chairmanship will be decided and rotated within the committee after two years.

Announcement will be made at a ceremony at the NCMLSG autumn meeting and potentially through advertisements in trade media.


The intent is to award full or partial funding for one project, but the Grant Review Committee has the right to award funding for two projects. However the total maximum funding amount shall not exceed 40.000 USD. The Committee also reserves the right to hand out parts or none of the Grant.

The recipient of the Grant commits to report to the Committee upon completion of the project, and agrees to publish a report on the finalized project on the NCMLSG web site. Within one year from the receipt of the funds, an interim report is to be submitted to the Committee.

Transparency Disclosure

A transparency disclosure – “This Project was supported by an unrestricted educational grant by Incyte Biosciences” – will be included in Project communications and publications.

Application Submission

Applications, maximum four (4) pages plus one (1) abstract page, all together five (5) pages, should be sent as an electronic version to:

And one (1) paper copy addressed to:
The Incyte Nordic Grant for Hematological Research
c/o Incyte Biosciences Nordic AB
Barnhusgatan 3
4th floor
111 23 Stockholm


Applications must be submitted by the 1st of October, 2022 to be considered for the Grant.


The recipient of the Grant will be notified in writing and an announcement will be made on the Nordic CML Study Group website. Incyte may publish communications (e.g. trade media) about the grant (including the application process and the final outcome. Details on membership of the Grant Committee may be disclosed in such communications.

Click here for Grant Application Terms & Conditions.

On behalf of the Incyte Grant in Hematological Research Review Committee

Professor Magnus Björkholm, Chairman
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Harald Holte, MD, PhD
Oslo University, Norway
Professor Peter Hokland
Århus University, Denmark
Professor Kari Remes
Turku University, Finland
Johan Hultén, PhD MBA
Incyte Biosciences, Medical Director, Nordic